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What people are saying about us:

Thank you for recommending Tailsup, they took amazing care of my little guys. Every time I called to check on them, they kept telling me how awesome Ray and Mariah are and how much they were enjoying taking care of them. They are very tired today because they played a lot there."

"Hi! Just wanted to say thanks again for taking such good care of Maggie the Schnauzer! Your quick response to my observation call from far away was very much appreciated. She came home in great shape..no illness of any kind! So thanks for keeping such a clean, caring facility! Your staff is great and we will be back!!! I'm doing my part by spreading the word about Tails Up and the great facility and caring people."

Fondly, Sara and Mike
"Marlee has been to Tails Up twice for day care, to prepare her for the 3 nights that we have to be away. They are wonderful and I am confident she will have, not only good care while we must be away, but also lots of fun. Thanks for the recommendation... Again, thanks for the tip about Tails Up. Their program is much more reasonable than all day play. I think they have great potential to be a huge success."

"LOVE the pics!! So fun to see they were having fun while we were away. I have to tell you that your kennel is the best! I have never used a kennel until Tails Up. You have such a unique place and we felt so good leaving them with you. Thank you so much for loving them and caring for them like we do."

"THANK YOU! The boys and I felt very confident that he'd be well taken care of and that you wouldn't give up on him during his adjustment period (wailing and all). You made our trip much more enjoyable knowing that he was in a loving, caring environment. We thank you so very much. We will definitely use your services again and may be in contact for some training needs."

Thanks again, Julie
"To Everyone at Tails Up, we wish to thank everyone at Tails Up for the positive, professional, loving, caring, happy and bright care of our two munchkin (fresh from Florida "I don't do winter") miniature dachshunds Molly and Maxie. This was their first time at doggie daycare ever, and certainly the first long time (8 days). We appreciate the patience with us and them, the reports, and the wonderful care they received. We will be back and we would recommend the Pet hotel and daycare to anyone needing them."

Beata and John
"You have no idea how much this blesses me! I love that you sent pictures! Totally completes the great experience we had with Tails Up from the beginning, now to the end! We most definitely will bring him back next time we're on vacation. In fact, I recently had to get Lincoln groomed at a local doggie day care that does grooming. Your facility & quality of care blows them out of the water! Seriously! I couldn't believe how high your standards were, once I had seen someone else! Thanks again & we will be back! Lincoln says hi!"

"I just wanted to let you and your staff know that Missy and Red seem to enjoy visiting you guys. It is always comforting to know they are safe when we are gone all day or over the weekend. It is always one less thing we have to worry about. Before you guys came into town Red went elsewhere. He was over stimulated and appeared to not have a relaxing time. Thank you for everything."

Marc Sousa

Marc Sousa

Tails Up Co-Founder, received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from California State University, Hayward, with a focus in Accounting. He has 14 years experience as a Golf Professional, including 7 years as a full time Instructor, and 4 years as General Manager at one of the busiest public courses in the Bay Area. Having never had a pet as a child, Mulligan and Divot have exposed Marc to what he was missing all those years and now, as an PCSA Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician, his passion for pets almost surpasses Jill's.

Jill Potter

Jill Potter

Tails Up Co-Founder, graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resources from Colorado State University. She then obtained her Master's in Resort Management from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business. She has worked in Customer Service Management roles in the golf industry, computer & network support and retail. Jill served as General Manager of Citizen Canine in Oakland, California for 3 1/2 years before returning home in 2007 with the dream of opening Tails Up in her hometown.

Laura Engel

Laura Engel

Laura is one of the smiling faces you will see at our front desk. Laura grew up in Colorado and has a degree in Fine Art from Colorado State University. She has been working with dogs for over two years and loves spending time with animals. She currently has two very old kitties and a rambunctious husky mix named Copper. In her free time Laura enjoys drawing and writing. She also loves to spend time outdoors, camping and hiking with Copper.

Jill Long

Jill Long

Jill was a 10-year member of the Parker Barkers 4-H Club where she leaned all about the basics of dog training. She was also a state fair champion in obedience. She has helped with her mom's kennel of Australian Shepherds and American Cocker Spaniels. She has shown in the AKC, UKC and ASCA show rings in Junior handling, confirmation and obedience. She has titled many of her own dogs and judged and trained for local 4-H clubs. Her interests outside of work include hiking, movies, Twilight and traveling. Her family currently consists of four dogs and two cats. Jill enjoys Tails Up because of all the dogs and team members.

Scott Schrank

Scott Schrank

Our Operations Manager and a born and bred Colorado Native, Scott loves using his customer service expertise to bring the highest quality of care to the animals (and their owners) at Tails Up. In addition to being a film buff and self-described “super-nerd,” Scott can often be found hiking, camping, or canoeing around Colorado with his wife Becca, their son Logan, and their two dogs, Bowie and Fiona.

Jacob Summer

Jacob Summer

Sports are a huge part of Jacob's life. He was an athlete in high school and now continues his love of sports with a memorabilia business that specializes in football and baseball items. There are not many people that are a bigger Bronco's fan than Jacob, he bleeds orange and blue! As a Dog Supervisor at Tails Up, he loves having the opportunity to play with dogs and cats all day. He also loves traveling whenever possible, seeing different parts of the world makes him very happy and his bucket list is full with places he has yet to go.


Tails Up always wants to hear from people interested in working with pets in an environment that always puts pets first. If you are interested you can apply online or email your resume to jobs@tailsup.com


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