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Thank you for recommending Tailsup, they took amazing care of my little guys. Every time I called to check on them, they kept telling me how awesome Ray and Mariah are and how much they were enjoying taking care of them. They are very tired today because they played a lot there."

"Hi! Just wanted to say thanks again for taking such good care of Maggie the Schnauzer! Your quick response to my observation call from far away was very much appreciated. She came home in great shape..no illness of any kind! So thanks for keeping such a clean, caring facility! Your staff is great and we will be back!!! I'm doing my part by spreading the word about Tails Up and the great facility and caring people."

Fondly, Sara and Mike
"Marlee has been to Tails Up twice for day care, to prepare her for the 3 nights that we have to be away. They are wonderful and I am confident she will have, not only good care while we must be away, but also lots of fun. Thanks for the recommendation... Again, thanks for the tip about Tails Up. Their program is much more reasonable than all day play. I think they have great potential to be a huge success."

"LOVE the pics!! So fun to see they were having fun while we were away. I have to tell you that your kennel is the best! I have never used a kennel until Tails Up. You have such a unique place and we felt so good leaving them with you. Thank you so much for loving them and caring for them like we do."

"THANK YOU! The boys and I felt very confident that he'd be well taken care of and that you wouldn't give up on him during his adjustment period (wailing and all). You made our trip much more enjoyable knowing that he was in a loving, caring environment. We thank you so very much. We will definitely use your services again and may be in contact for some training needs."

Thanks again, Julie
"To Everyone at Tails Up, we wish to thank everyone at Tails Up for the positive, professional, loving, caring, happy and bright care of our two munchkin (fresh from Florida "I don't do winter") miniature dachshunds Molly and Maxie. This was their first time at doggie daycare ever, and certainly the first long time (8 days). We appreciate the patience with us and them, the reports, and the wonderful care they received. We will be back and we would recommend the Pet hotel and daycare to anyone needing them."

Beata and John
"You have no idea how much this blesses me! I love that you sent pictures! Totally completes the great experience we had with Tails Up from the beginning, now to the end! We most definitely will bring him back next time we're on vacation. In fact, I recently had to get Lincoln groomed at a local doggie day care that does grooming. Your facility & quality of care blows them out of the water! Seriously! I couldn't believe how high your standards were, once I had seen someone else! Thanks again & we will be back! Lincoln says hi!"

"I just wanted to let you and your staff know that Missy and Red seem to enjoy visiting you guys. It is always comforting to know they are safe when we are gone all day or over the weekend. It is always one less thing we have to worry about. Before you guys came into town Red went elsewhere. He was over stimulated and appeared to not have a relaxing time. Thank you for everything."



Tails Up welcomes socialized dogs who are older than 20 weeks. Un-spayed females older than 7 months are not permitted. Un-neutered males older than 7 months are permitted but do not play in group, only with staff members. We do not board any diabetic pets requiring insulin injections. All dogs and their guardians must make an appointment for a complimentary pre-boarding interview, which is conducted at our facility with a staff trainer. We use this time to learn about your dog's social, behavioral and medical history, to explain our services, to answer your questions, and to give you a complete tour of the facility. If your dog has never boarded before, or has a history of separation anxiety, we may require a trial overnight in advance of a long stay.

We do not require potential feline guests to come in for a pre-boarding consultation. However, we would like their human to come in for a tour beforehand.

Marc & Jill


Tails Up is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. For overnight boarding, check-in and check-out is available anytime. However, we prefer check-ins between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Check-out is 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. On the day of departure, if your dog stays with us past the morning check-out time, a late check-out fee of $30 will be added for that day. Overnight check-in and check-out (7 pm- 7 am) can be arranged 7 days a week for a $30 fee.

Daycare hours are 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week.


Overnight Stay: $42-46 per night (effective January 1, 2018) depending on the size of your dog and the time of year.
Cats $24 per night.
$13 additional per night for dogs requiring Private Playtime.

Family discounts for multiple dogs and cats. 10% discount for visits of 10 nights or longer. 20% discount for visits 20 nights or longer. A complimentary bath is provided for stays of 5 nights or longer.

Day Care: $30 per day. 10 visits for $260 | 20 visits for $450
Multiple dog discounts are available for daycare and daycare packs- inquire with the front desk
Upgrades:$15 per session for Basic Obedience or Tricks Training
$10 per session for Cuddle Time, T-Touch or Extra Playtime
Basic Grooming Service: For boarding and day care guests, including baths, ear cleaning and nail trims. Prices vary.

Making Reservations

We recommend reserving your dog's stay as far in advance as possible. We may ask for minimum stays during major holidays, please inquire with the front desk. Please cancel your reservation at least 72 hours prior to drop-off to avoid charges. We hold all reservations with a Visa or MasterCard.

Our front desk staff is often busy checking guests in and out, so if you call during regular business hours and get our voicemail, please leave a message including your name, dog's name, best phone number to reach you, and the specifics of your reservation request. We will return your call as soon as possible.


All canine guests must be vaccinated for Rabies, DHLPP (every 3 years), and Bordetella (annually). Bordetella is an intranasal vaccine that should be administered at minimum 7 days prior to boarding. We recommend that your dog receives the Canine Influenza Vaccine but do not require it at this time. All feline guests must be vaccinated for FVRCP and Rabies. Please provide us with copies of your vaccination records or have your vet fax them to us.

Dog Bath


All dogs receive a complimentary basic bath after a five-night stay. Dogs with extra fluffy or long coats receive a brush and spritz. As an extra service we offer baths, nail trimmings and ear cleanings for our guests. Prices vary.

Meals and Medications

Our guests receive 2 individually prepared meals each day. We are happy to accommodate special feeding instructions. It is best for your dog's health to maintain a consistent diet, so we recommend you bring an adequate supply of your dog's own food. Alternatively, we feed our guests high quality Nutrisource Dog Food, which was rated by Whole Dog Journal as one of the best commercial dog foods. If your dog is taking prescription medication, we ask that you bring written instructions for administration. We do not board any diabetic pets requiring insulin injections.

What should I bring?

For safety reasons, your dog should be wearing only a flat or limited slip collar, not a metal collar or chain. Lupine brand collars are available for purchase in our retail area. Retractable leashes are not permitted in our facility. Please use a nylon or leather leash when bringing your dog to Tails Up. You are welcome to bring bedding or toys from home keeping in mind that everything you bring should be machine washable and labeled with your dog's name. An elevated Kuranda bed and bedding is provided for every guest. We reserve the right to decide what can go in each guest's room to ensure their safety at all times.

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